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Camps with the Blackhawks

06 June, 2019

Welcome to our Camps!

The Blackhawks hold regular basketball camps throughout the season. These camps are for young players (ages 9 to 16). Other than being the cheapest babysitting service in Surrey, these camps provide participants with a huge amount of skills and techniques that our coaches simply do not have the time to share during the limited time they have at their weekly practice sessions with their squads. Coach Costas leads the camps and guest coaches are often invited. Hence why fees must be paid in advance. Refunds will be given only in very special circumstances.

Here are the details of the forthcoming camps:

WINTER CAMP 2019: 18,19 and 20 February (09:00-17:00) at Woking College. £30/day or £75 for all 3 days. Now payable in advance.

EASTER CAMP 2019: 11 and 12 April (09:00-17:00) at Winston Churchill School. £30/day or £60 for both days. Now payable in advance.

SPRING CAMP 2019: 28 and 29 May (09:00-17:00) TO BE CONFIRMED. £30/day or £60 for both days. Now payable in advance.

SUMMER CAMP 2019: 25 and 26 July (09:00-17:00) at Woking College. £30/day or £60 for both days. Now payable in advance.

To book your place, please email us at

You will receive a confirmation email with the exact amount payable and the Club's bank account details for the online payment.

We look forward to having fun together!

Max Gough was the Free Throw competition winner at September's campMax Gough was the Free Throw competition winner at September's camp

Aaron Bugarin was the camp MVP in September 2018